Diane Shortland

Freelance Writer

Other Skills

As well as writing, I am also expanding my knowledge and experience in the following areas:


Editing - I have previous experience of running a charity magazine and the varying roles that entailed, as well as editing individual pieces of work.


Social Media - promotional postings on media avenues such as Facebook and Twitter,monitoring of social network conversations and communicating with users.


Marketing & Promotion - online PR including newsletter publications, promotions and events listings.


Advertising - selling advertising space for features and website listings and producing media packs for business distribution.


Branding - creation and implementation of brand essence, identity, key values and visual identity to form an instantly regonisable and trusted product/service.


SEO - basic understanding of the principles involved in creating key word meta-tags for content summarising of web pages in relation to search engine rankings.


Research - I have the necessary skills to research subjects both for inidivual articles and larger projects including book proposals and research papers.