Diane Shortland

Freelance Writer

Shopping Review

Cherry Tree Chocolates


A classy high end chocolate shop offering a huge selection of hand finished varieties from traditional favourites to unusual off the wall flavours in a truly heavenly environment.


Where to find it

In the bustling resort of Hunstanton, a seaside town can so often succumb to tacky souvenir sweet shops under the misconception that this is all its visitors want. The roaring success of this delightful high end establishment is living proof that this is not the case; people have taste. With its classic black logo, solid wood counters and gleaming display stands, this shop is pure class. The heavenly scent of finest quality chocolate fills the air and there’s only one thing on your mind: indulgence.


What to expect

Take 12 of the top chocolatiers from Belgium and import their finest produce. Don’t do it half heartedly though; the owner Caroline Odd, certainly doesn’t. In rows and rows of gold trays, you’ll find no less than 120 varieties of chocolates here. Split into sections for ease of choice, expect every flavour you could imagine and more. Many hand finished and all beautifully turned out, seeing them all in unison almost constitutes art.


So why shop here over your local chocolate chain store? Apart from the huge range of choice, freshness is also key; you won’t find preservatives and long shelf lives here. Everything is natural and made the same month and boxes are prepared to order avoiding individual flavours mixing together. Every care is taken, from initial production to it hitting your mouth, to ensure these chocolates are the best you’re likely to taste. Trust me when I say they are divine. They’re rich, creamy and luscious with generous centres and full flavour; delectable in every way. You may be forgiven for thinking I’m just one of those crazy chocolate obsessed individuals who get over-excited and start salivating on hearing the word alone but you couldn’t be more wrong. I’m not really a chocolate lover at all, which makes my delight in this shop even more profound. If it can win me over then I can only imagine the effect it will have on true believers.


What can you buy here?

As well as all your familiar favourites, you’re sure to find flavours you’ve never come across before. Chocolate rebels can delight in wacky sensations such as chilli, gin and damson, as well as mojito and strawberry daiquiri, to name but a few. The chocolates are served loose so you can build your own box and are presented with sophisticated appeal.


A selection of holiday treats are also available but the shop is narrow and browsing these can be difficult. Those of you on special diets should take a look though; their diabetic range is made with malt, a natural sweetener, so actually still tastes like chocolate should. They also sell dairy free chocolates so there’s something for everyone.


The details

Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sundays 11am to 3pm. They also do wedding favours and hampers to order.