Diane Shortland

Freelance Writer

Finest of Norfolk

To write about where your passion lies is the greatest advice I have ever been given. I’ve lived in Norfolk all my life. A huge fan of the coastline and lover of the finer things in life, I spend my leisure time drifting along its shorelines, sailing on its Broads, visiting its cultural attractions and hanging out at its best coffee shops and restaurants. Always intent on discovering the best and finest that Norfolk has to offer, I never return to a place unless it exceeds my expectations. Norfolk has some real hidden gems and I couldn’t justify keeping them to myself any longer.


I found a niche in the market for promotion of quality Norfolk venues. I have created a website that offers an insider’s guide to the hidden delights of the county. It focuses on a personal review style that showcases the best arts and crafts, beaches, coffee shops, restaurants, deli cafes,days out, giftshops and boutique accommodation. It is the only website on Norfolk that highlights only the most tasteful, sophisticated quality places, rather than anything and everything. People can view this site knowing they will be shown only the best, saving them a lot of time and effort in their busy lives.




A year in preparation now, my website is building in content, spreading in awareness and attracting a large following.My leisure writing experience has grown to include features in publications such as Suffolk Norfolk Life and my own column in Norfolk on my Mind magazine. My conversational writing style lends itself perfectly to this genre of writing and I have established myself as an expert in my field. I am now ready to expand the website to make it a viable commercial business.