Diane Shortland

Freelance Writer


I have three blogs, each covering a different aspect of my writing...

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This blog is about all things to do with leisure - from discussion of the work-life balance, to the psychology of happiness, to enjoying the small things in life, to loving nature, to trying out new hobbies, to watching good films, to knowing how to get the most from relaxation time. It's about fun memories, good tips, useful information and thought provoking ideas on how to get more from life.
My passion is living life to the full, having fun and being happy. This blog reflects this outlook on life, and is a good forum for sharing and commenting on all aspects and views of leisure and life in general.


This blog has evolved as a spin off from the above liveforleisure blog, and came about after I purchased a book on the beaches of Norfolk. Being a coast girl who loves beach life, I instantly became fixated on this book and the goal of visiting all the 50 beaches of Norfolk it contains. So my mission starts this summer 2011, whereby I shall visit each beach in turn and blog about my adventures, including many pictures of the landscapes and no doubt many an amusing anecdote along the way. This blog will appeal to anyone who is planning to visit Norfolk, likes the coast, or cares to follow the tales of a slightly crazy surf chick who has a keen eye for amusing observation and an attraction to a little bit of drama. Log on and join the journey.


This blog is based on a collection of articles I wrote, originally as a column for the charity AYME’s magazine. It includes regular extracts from my work and amusing anecdotes of living with the joys of ME. It’s a forum for sufferers and their helpers to be part of the ‘humour helps me cope with ME’ school of management, and forms an interactive environment to showcase my work whilst providing support to those who need it most. It offers information, knowledge and understanding in a light-hearted jovial manner that encourages participation and dissolves isolation. After all, it’s good to know you’re not the only one engaging in odd behavior through necessity to survive, and being able to laugh about it is half the battle.

Please visit any or all of my blogs - you will be most welcome and we look forward to you joining in on the discussion threads through commenting on the posts each week. There is also the option of subscribing to each blog, free of charge, to make it easier for you to follow the activity.